Alaska 2006 - Day 10

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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Starting location: Fairbanks, AK, USA

Miles traveled today: 0

Ending location: Chicken, AK, USA

Total miles traveled: 0

Road Conditions
State / Province Road Road Surface Construction Information


Today's Route (planned)



Today's Route (actual)

Today was kind of a sad day.  We lost two members of our war party, as Airwick and Waldo had to go home.  The expression on Waldo's face kind of says it all.  Thanks for all of your help guys, and Waldo, we'll figure out how to keep the back door closed without you.


Finally, we stumble upon a polar bear in his natural habitat.  Carrie, does this count?


Katie took good care of us, and welcomed us with a nice smile every morning.


Down two people, we now have to haul a bike in the back of the truck.  We'll be rotating drivers for the journey home, but no one will do it like Waldo did.


We had only gone a few miles, when we had this emergency.  Mukluk Land!!!  Cool!




Everything is bigger in this country.  OK kids, here's a game.  How many spare tires can you find in this picture?


Rained most of the day, and Mike, our truck driver for the day, took mercy upon two wet hitchhikers from the Netherlands.....Rebecca (on the left) and Andreas (on the right).


Although they had to endure Mike, they never once complained, as it sure beat the six hours of standing in the rain in Tok, waiting for a ride.  Rebecca had to ride on the console, but was still all smiles.


Seemed like a good time for dinner (although it always seems like that).


Finally back on the road, and we reached our destination right before nightfall, in beautiful downtown Chicken, Alaska (population 32 -- in the summer.....10 in the winter).  Rumbled our bikes into town, and tied them up at the local saloon. 


Wow, what is this place?  And what's hanging from the ceiling?


Safety first is our motto!
Two of our riders were so thirsty and cold, that they couldn't even remove their riding gear before trying to warm up with the local grog.


The Sheik discovers something even better than oil -- a wood stove in the corner.


Oh....Coldfingers says..."That's good stuff!"  Look at that stupid look on his face...there may be the makings of a new nickname here.


The guy in the middle is Randy, our bar keep.  Here he's about to show us a local Chicken Saloon tradition, as he is holding a small cannon and is getting ready to assume the firing position in the middle of the parking lot.


Quite a crew, and you can see that Rebecca and Andreas are fitting right in.


Randy offers us a local delicacy.  It's called, of all things, a "duck fart."  It's a mixture of Kahlua, Baileys and Crown Royal.   After a few of these, we were all quacking.


To the Forty Mile!!!! 


Somehow, our computer just didn't fit in.  The town is generator-powered, has no telephones, and uses outdoor plumbing.  Yet they have wireless internet.  Isn't this a great country?!?


We'd like to tell you what's going on here, but you'll have to ask one of us in person when we get home. We're sure that you'll get a bang out of it, too.


Randy preparing the charge.


This looks interesting.....


This night ended much later....but our camera batteries failed us.  Chicken ended up being one of the best stops of the trip, and was literally a blast.  Couples from Texas, Germany, and of course our motley crew, which now included Rebecca and Andreas, had a memorable night.  Thanks Randy for making sure that everyone had a great time!  


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